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Newest: 1-4-09 (I have added a new batch of testimonials but am only including a few of quotes from them here - to read more go to the testimonials page)

"You know, your book has set me free. Thank you, Robert Burney, for helping me discover the wisdom of my own voice. God bless you."

"Your Books and web pages have meant so much to me - I am soon to be 79. Unhappy not to learn these things sooner, AND HAPPY TO BE LEARNING THEM NOW."

"I came upon what you had written about the serenity prayer. I had one of those very special "aha!" "answered prayer" moments. Not only did the meaning of the prayer become very clear to me, and not only was I thanking God for leading me to the site and answering my prayer, but I couldn't believe how much I needed to read what you had written, and how illuminating and helpful and applicable it was to what I was going through."

"I have found hope and inspiration on your web page. I think this is the first time I read the term 'internal boundaries'. That phrase resonated like a bell ringing."

"Over the years, I have read and studied much along this line - but yours is absolutely the best!!!!! I don't know how you managed to put all this together ine one package - spirituality, co-dependence, quantum physics, ---but your work is very powerful."

"Thank you for your very descriptive and accurate analysis of so many psychological/behavioral questions I have. Your work is truely an insperation that should be used as a model to teach and enlighten the world. I know that there are very few who have even come close to your level of understanding, I have searched for a long time and concider your work to be the only successful find."

"i need to tell you, i have been in the field for over 20 years, and just read your book, "dance of the wounded souls" i believe it is the best book i have read on codependency ever. i shared this with the 12 people iam working with this week, and they all plan on buying it, along with with my peers. thank you for the great info."

"I find what you are saying is deeper than what others have said and for that I am very grateful for your work."

"I just wanted to write to you and let you know how much your book, The Dance of Wounded Souls, has helped me. I have read a lot of books on codependency, but your book lead me to the real issues. I feel like I'm finally getting to the core instead of just working on the symptoms. . . . Thank you so much for your work and loving insight on a topic that needed to be studied further. You have done it brilliantly and I have recommended your book to several friends."

"I just viewed your website and have been reading your words which have compelled me to write to you. I think you are phenomenal in your approach to co-dependency and life in general."

"Actually, I've done alot of reading over the past few years and I've never come across any single book or website that almost point for point addresses the totality of the issues I am working on head-on. "

"i thank you so much for sharing the information and your experience it resonates with me on every level."

"I am working and listening to your audio, and it is just amazing . . . i absolutely love it, and have recommended to couple of people already."

"I just wanted to say thank you. Your website has saved my life! . . . God guided me to your pages, I wouldn’t be where I am now, if it was not for you"

"I hope someday/somehow you will truly know how much your words have meant to me and helped ME to change my life, I couldn't imagine a more valuable gift from another human being ;-)"

"I have found your sight to be very informative and compassionate - so thank you!"

"I have been sooo helped by what you have written here. It has made me realise what is going on my life, and what I need to do to change it. Your analogy of not letting your wounded children 'drive the bus' of your life was so helpful. I can see that this is exactly what has been happening in my life - my wounded children have definitely been driving the bus. Now I am learning more and more to develop a loving adult and a connection with God that can help to heal those wounded children and so I can reclaim myself again. Thank you so much."

"upon stumbling to your site within the first few sentances i couldnt quite believe how your very words were telling my whole life story ... You spin your information in such a way that is very admirable,understandable and easy to relate to ... Thanks for helping me to understand my whole situation in life and thank you for putting that website up ... Believe me pal what your writing is helping wounded people just like myself ... I'm ___ 23 from the UK by the way... You really know how to get to the roots of the problems we face in a way - Keep up the good work :)"

"I am far away from S Diego, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but every word you write becomes a part of my healing process."

"Robert, I didn't though that there is someone who felt EXACTLY the way I felt. And I was born an lived in Egypt for all my life (43 years) It is amazing how people can be alike. . . . And all these deep thinking come from a man! I was sure that only women who were that concerned with there inside feelings, and man just don't have the time for it. . . . I really thank you."

"What you are bringing to the world is so important, it's so important that people who walking the path of recovery themselves are open to sharing their path and learnings with others. I salute you in what you are doing."

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for putting up your website!!! I came across it today and I think it's awesome! As Spirit would have it, I came across it JUST when I needed to!"

"I bought the Inner Child Healing E-book . . But I just wanted to say that your e-book really hit the spot. . . THank you for this great piece, and thoughts and insights."


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"Telephone Counseling"  

Latest Phone Counseling Feedback (1-4-09)

"The work I did with you is so amazing, and is the main reason that I am handling everything as well as I am right now. . . Thanks again for all of the skills you have taught me. I use them every day." "I know I have thanked you before, but I'll say it again because with your help, I was able to develop a pretty solid foundation (that I always go back to), paving the way for where I find myself right Now, and thus start this ever-so-needed healing process that I have been involved in ever since. Thanks for that."

"You might not remember me. We have worked together briefly in 2005 on telephone counseling, but I had never left your website since I discovered it "by accident" on google in 2004. You have changed my life in ways you might not understand, and I thank The Almighty to have made it possible for our paths to cross. Many things happened in my life since we last spoke, some were good others bad. But thanks to you I had acquired the wisdom and strenght to carry on and most of all, be easy on myself and remind myself that "that too shall pass". I took care of all my children (inner children, that is) and I reassured them that I will take care of them thru the storm. They all say thank you, too.

Robert, you are always in my thoughts and prayers, especially those prayers of thankgiving. I talk about you to my friends, some think that you are a personal friend and I tell them that you are my God-sent. He/She had sent you into my life to remind me who I already was and had always been, and for that you are my Best Friend. Thank you for being you, thank you for being my teacher and guide, and hopefully soon enough I will resume working with you."

"I wonder if you remember me...I was your client back in 2004 and 2005...I just wanted to write to you and let you know that since our work together, I have continued my healing journey and it has led me to some very interesting places in the world and inside myself.... Over and over I come back to your work to remind myself of the TRUTH that your work continues to ignite in my heart."

"Thank you for all your help this year!! You really have brought so much to my life, and I am grateful."

"I am in the best relationship of my life with a man who has worked hard to heal himself and is on the same path as I. Together, our power to be strong and truthful and loving is the most beautiful thing I have ever known (along with my love for my son). Thanks to you, and some wisdom of yours, I was able to stay strong and work hard until I found him and together we still stay strong. Wow, I reached the mountaintop and its great up here! Hard to get to but so simple once you do!"

"I appreciate ALL that you do for all of us who have been fortunate enough to cross your path...I see it as an authentic and loving soul expression...your kindness and generosity are helping to heal us all one by one."

"I can see this relationship for what was as more and more is being revealed along this journey. That would not be the case if I had not come across your work. It was no coincidence. More is revealed when we are ready and open to understanding. . . . I wrote this in a time period when I was desperately struggling to find the answers within me. I knew that that is where they are. But, I did not have the tools to do it before I cam across your work. I am going in the right direction now. Thank you for touching my life in a positive way."

"I credit you with starting me on my journey toward discovering that I am a spiritual being have a human experience."

"I've owned 2 copies of the book and gave them away to a friend and a relative. I thought they could use the help. Im feeling joyful and thankful everyday. I continue to pass on to others what I've learned from you. It continues to make a difference in my life, so Thank you!"

"I have not contacted you in awhile. we did a few phone counseling sessions in the past and I have emailed you from time to time. I wanted to wish you a Happy Holiday. Your website has guided me on my path of trusting the universe. It makes sense out of the nonsense and I am grateful for you. So again thank you."

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